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Yukon Foundation Skills Assessment

The Yukon Foundation Skills Assessment is referred to as the YFSA for the FSA. It replaces the Yukon Achievement Tests, or YATs.

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FSA results 2016

FSA 2016 First Nation/Non-First Nation

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FSA results 2015

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FSA results 2014

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Frequently asked questions

Purpose of the assessment

The YFSA measures skills that students have gained over several school years, not just in a single year. It tests reading, writing and math, based on Yukon/BC curriculum. The results do not count toward report card marks.

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Why are the tests important?

This data provides a snapshot of what students have learned. That information helps schools make plans to improve teaching and learning to support students for the coming school year.

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Who writes the test?

All Grade 4 and 7 students are required to take the Yukon Foundation Skills Assessment. Any exemptions must be pre-approved by the Department of Education following discussions with the principal and a review of documented evidence. Students with special needs may be exempted from all or part of the tests. Francophone students write the FSAs in French. French Immersion students write the FSAs in English.

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The testing for the Yukon Foundation Skills Assessment was formerly done in January and February each year.

Starting during the 2017/18 school year, the testing will be done during October and early November. Knowing where students are at earlier in the school year will be more useful for teachers to help students progress in their learning throughout the school year.

Schools can choose what schedule is best for them during this timeline.

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Students should try to get used to the format and types of questions. Sample questions and responses are on the B.C. Ministry of Education FSA website. Students can practice at any time, in school or at home.

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Test format

The assessment consists of an online, a multiple choice section and a written response for reading comprehension and numeracy. There is also a short and a long writing assessment. The assessments can be done over a time period that suits the school’s contextual needs, taking approximately four hours in total, in addition to allowing extra time for students to complete the FSA as needed. English and French Immersion students write in English; Francophone students write in French.

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Scoring of tests

The online multiple choice sections are marked in B.C. The written sections are marked in Whitehorse by Yukon teachers.

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Parents will receive their student’s marks in April. School summary reports will be available in May. Schools also get summary and supervisor reports to help them plan for the coming year. YFSA marks do not count toward report card marks.

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YFSA replaces the Yukon Achievement Tests

After the 2012-13 school year, the Department of Education stopped using the Yukon Achievement Tests. There are several reasons for this change.

  • Yukon follows the B.C. curriculum, but the Yukon Achievement Tests were based on the Alberta curriculum.
  • The Yukon Foundation Skills Assessment follows the B.C. Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA).
  • School councils and staff had sought this change.
  • Yukon high school students write the B.C. Provincial Exams.

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