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Yukon teacher qualification

The Teacher Qualification Board (TQB) sets the salary category for new teachers. Categories are set based on

  • post-secondary education
  • past teaching experience

The members of the TQB are

  • the Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Schools
  • a professional educator representative
  • a Yukon Teachers’ Association representative
  • the secretary to the board

The Board meets twice a year.

Everyone starting a teaching position in Yukon goes through the board to set the salary.

It is important to send all of your documents in order to determine your pay for the school year.

New teachers must submit to the board secretary:

Past teaching experience must meet the following requirements:

  • must have been completed in an accredited school, Kindergarten to Grade12
  • a B.Ed. or equivalent was required
  • Teaching provincially/territorially assigned curriculum

The TQB makes the final decision regarding placement and reviews of one's pay qualifications. For further information please refer to the:  Teacher Qualification Regulations .

Teacher qualification

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