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To give you more options in today's workforce, education beyond high school is highly desirable. Pursuing that education can be expensive. To make it more affordable, the Department of Education provides Yukoners with access to funds through a variety of student financial assistance programs.


Making post-secondary education even better

As of the 2016/17 academic year, we are providing more Yukon Grant funding, broader eligibility for the Yukon Grant and more flexible student financial assistance programs.

More funding

The maximum Yukon Grant funding has increased to $4,590, up from $3,740, for a typical 34-week program.

An airfare amount of $1,500 is also available to students who are studying outside the territory. Students from Yukon communities outside Whitehorse may be eligible for an additional travel amount.

Broader eligibility

First Nations citizens who receive funding from the Government of Canada may now be eligible for the Yukon Grant. This means that citizens of the following First Nations may be eligible to receive funding from the federal government as well as the Yukon Grant:

  • Ross River Dena Council
  • Ta’an Kwäch’än Council
  • Kluane First Nation
  • Liard First Nation
  • White River First Nation

Through changes to the residency criteria, students may now be eligible if they:

  • completed two years of high school in Yukon and are a Yukon resident for two years before classes start;
  • are under 20 and have lived in Yukon continuously since the age of 14; or
  • were resident of Yukon from the age of 14 to 18 and are a resident for two years before classes start.

More flexibility

Some students choose to upgrade their education through Yukon College in order to apply for post-secondary programs. These students may now be eligible to receive up to 68 weeks of funding through the Student Training Allowance without affecting their Yukon Grant eligibility.

For 25 years, the Yukon Grant has been improving access to post-secondary education for Yukon students. These changes make student financial assistance more accessible and more flexible for Yukon students.

The Student Financial Assistance Unit has a variety of programs available to help you pay for post-secondary education:


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