Policies and legislation

Public schools policies

Public schools policies are divided into several categories.

Safe and Caring Schools Policies

Safe and Caring Schools Policy 

     Safe and Caring Schools Policy Support Plan 

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Policy


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Health and Safety in Schools Policies

Administration of Medication to Students Policy 

Anaphylaxis Policy

Mandatory Use of Helmets During School-Related Activities Policy

Movable Soccer Goal Safety Policy  

Appendix: Standard safety and performance specifications for soccer goals  

Safe and Caring Schools Policy 

School Nutrition Policy   

School Sale of Home Prepared Foods to the Public Policy  

School Trespass Policy

Substance Free Schools Policy 

Tobacco-Free Schools Policy

Use of Traditional Medicines - Guidelines for Schools

Yukon Education Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol   includes signatory document and appendices

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Off-Site Experiential Learning Policy

Off-site Experiential Learning Policy  (Field trip policy)

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School Operations Policies

Admission to French First Language Schools 

After School Child Care Operations in Schools Policy 

Agencies in the Schools Policy  and Approval Guidelines and Applications for Projects, Presentations, Resources and Material in Yukon Schools 

Corporate Sponsorship and Donation Policy

Eligibility to Vote in School Board and School Council Elections

Fund Raising Policy

Inter-Schools Athletics Policy 

International Student Procedures

Leave to Accompany Students to Sanctioned Events not Sponsored by the Department of Education 

Research in Schools Policy  

School Closure Policy 

School Growth Planning Policy

School Locker Use and Locker Searches Policy

Student Attendance Policy 

Student Records Policy 

Student Transportation On School Buses - Ridership Guidelines

Transportation of Students in Government Owned Vehicle Policy and Safe Work Practices 

Valedictorian Policy

Video Surveillance Policy

Volunteers in the Schools Policy 

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Accountability Policies

Education Appeal Tribunal Procedures and Operations

Educational Use of Copyright-Protected Work

Privacy Breach Management Policy

Privacy Management Policy 

Provision of Educational Programs Policy 

School Council Dispute Resolution Procedure Policy

School Growth Planning Policy

Student Attendance Policy 

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Finance and Administration Policies

Student Accommodation and Boarding Allowances Policy 

Student Accommodation and Boarding Allowances Procedures

Student Boarding Allowance Application Form 

Student Boarding Allowance Policy Appendix 1 - boarding allowance amount

Student Boarding Allowance Policy Appendix 2 - Grade Levels in Community Schools Outside Whitehorse


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