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School Growth Process

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The purpose of the school growth process is to improve the success of each Yukon learner.

The school growth process is based on the school growth planning policy and is a public commitment to action.

The school growth process is based on principles of inquiry, the use of evidence to guide decisions and actions, collaboration and respect for the social and cultural diversity of Yukon and nurturing positive relationships with Yukon First Nations.

The School Growth Process Handbook  includes information about


How the School Growth Process Works

The school growth process has three parts: 

  1. Annual school growth planning
  2. Evidence-based conversations at each school throughout the year
  3. School reviews conducted with each school and its community every three years

The school growth process is based on the expectation that staff, school councils, parents, the First Nations community, Elders, and students will work together to make plans, determine appropriate actions, and monitor progress to achieve improved results for all Yukon learners. The school growth process is an ongoing cycle. Each part of the cycle is guided by questions.

Guiding Questions

  • What do you, as staff and community, know about your students, their successes and challenges?
  • From what we know, what is most important in our work to improve the success for our students?


  • What will you do more of, less of, or do differently to improve outcomes for your students?  
  • How will you work together as a school community to do this work?

Monitor and Adjust

  • How will you know what we are doing works and that we have made a difference for our students?
  • How will you respond if we see no changes? 
  • How will you tell your community about our successes and challenges?

School Plans

Can be found on individual school websites

Supporting Evidence-Based Conversations

Teamwork - vision and values 

School Reviews

To review reports, see the school website

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