School Councils

Toolbox for councils

"Getting Started" Toolbox Resources
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1. Table of contents - Getting Started Toolbox Resources

2. Education Act and Regulations Components

3. Yukon Education Components

4. Ethics and Code of Conduct Components

5. Building Partnerships Components

6. Learner Growth and Development Components

  • School Growth Process - School Growth Plan Elements 
  • School's Current School Growth Plan-Please refer to your school website.
  • School Council Development

Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards and Committees (AYSCBC)

Sample Developing Norms Exercise  

Sample Developing Norms Worksheet  

Sample Norms of National Staff Development Council, Board of Trustees and Staff  

  • School Council Chairperson Development

Role of Chair  

Role of the Secretary Treasurer  

Sample Job Description of Secretary Treasurer   

7. Process Skills Components

  • Facilitation Skills: Running Meetings


School Council's Annual General Meeting (AGM)      

Record of Meetings  

Sample Minutes, Kluane Lake School Council        

Simplified Rules of Order  

  • Facilitation Skills: Communication
  • Facilitation Skills: Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Facilitation Skills: Managing Conflict

School Council Dispute Dispute Resolution Procedure Policy  

Yukon Education General Policy No. 1000  

Sample Hidden Valley School Council Dispute Resolution Procedures   

Sample Christ the King (CKES) School Council Policy on Resolving an Issue or Dispute  

  • Policy Development and Review

Policy Development  

Sample Hidden Valley School Nutrition Policy and Guidelines  

  • Hiring and Performance Review

Education Act and Regulations Section 113(1)(c) related to evaluation of principal, teacher or staff member and Education Act Section 113(2)(g), (h) and (i) regulations related to the recommendation to the superintendent for dismissal, transfer, discipline or demotion of a teacher, principal or other employee in the school.  

Yukon Education Principal Evaluation Process Implementation 2012-2013  

School Councils

Department of Education
1000 Lewes Boulevard
Box 2703
Whitehorse, Yukon
Canada Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867- 667-8226
Toll free (In Yukon): 1-800-661-0408, local 8226
Fax: 867- 393-6339

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