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Radon monitoring in Yukon schools

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Government of Yukon response to radon

In September 2017, the Government of Yukon finalized the Radon Management Guideline, which is a unified approach to radon testing, monitoring and, where necessary, remediation in all government buildings, including schools. We follow these practices to test radon levels in schools, and will remediate schools as needed to ensure radon levels are within the range recommended by Health Canada.

In spring 2018, we tested radon levels in Yukon schools for a minimum of three months according to the Radon Management Guideline. Testing involved installing equipment for a minimum of three months in every single room on the lowest level of a school being used for more than four hours a day.

Health Canada’s recommended levels of radon concentration for acceptable indoor air quality are as follows:

  • Below 200 Bq/m3*– acceptable
  • Between 200 Bq/m3 and 600 Bq/m3 – remediate within 2 years
  • Above 600 Bq/m3 – remediate within 1 year
  • *Bq/m3 =Becquerel per cubic metre

    School radon testing and monitoring results

    The following are the results of the 2017-18 testing and 2016-17 monitoring of radon levels in Yukon schools:


    2017-18 testing results (Bq/m3)

    2016-17 monitoring results (Bq/m3)







    Chief Zzeh Gittlit





    Christ the King 248 63 148 74
    Del Van Gorder 122 56 91   41
    École Émilie-Tremblay 81 26 59  37 
    Elijah Smith  96 33 27  27 
    Eliza Van Bibber 204 78 64  64
    F.H. Collins 48 22 44  22 
    Gadzoosdaa Residence 52 15 37  15 
    Ghùch Tlâ Community 137 67 44  44 
    Golden Horn 67 22 71  11 
    Grey Mountain 74 52 104  78 
    Hidden Valley 63 26 43  43 
    Holy Family 204 78 175  111
    Individual Learning Centre 56 26 44 37 
    J.V. Clark 126 56 18  18
    Jack Hulland 107 30 427  25 
    Johnson Elementary 107 52 45 15
    Khàtìnas.àxh (Teslin) 122 44 48 48
    Kluane Lake 92 67 62  40
    Nelnah Bessie John  74 15 209  179
    Porter Creek 67 26 48 18
    Robert Service  74 33 23 14
    Ross River 152 74 88 82 
    Selkirk 100 37 39 18
    St. Elias Community 111 59 80 34
    Takhini 81 30 52 33
    Tantalus 85 44 11 11
    Teen Parent Centre 230 230 230  230 
    Vanier 163 26 69 60
    Watson Lake  74 41 24 24
    Whitehorse Elementary 96 30 77 71
    Wood Street Centre 141 41 81 33


    2017-18 radon testing results summary

    According to Health Canada’s Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality, results for Christ the King Elementary, Eliza Van Bibber and Holy Family Elementary are slightly above Health Canada’s recommended levels for radon.

    We will complete remediation work at Christ the King Elementary and Eliza Van Bibber within two years as per the Radon Management Guideline. The details of this remediation work are being determined.

    The remediation system at Holy Family Elementary was not ready until the end of the testing period. We will test the school again during the 2018-19 heating season to ensure radon levels at the school are now below the recommended levels.

    The Teen Parent Centre was also previously found to have radon levels above recommended levels, but remediation was not completed until after the 2017-18 heating season, so testing was not completed. We will test the Teen Parent Centre in the 2018-19 heating season to ensure radon levels are now within recommended levels.

    We will continue to ensure radon levels at Yukon schools remain within levels recommended by Health Canada. We will retest schools if:

    • There is work done on a school exterior, foundation or basement;
    • Seismic activity affects the school building;
    • The ground or basement floors are renovated; or
    • Radon remediation has been done on a school.
    2016-17 radon monitoring results summary

    Radon levels in all schools were previously monitored in the 2016-17 school year. Radon monitoring involves installing the same equipment to measure radon levels in multiple locations throughout a building, instead of testing all occupied rooms on the lowest floor of a building.

    Radon levels at Jack Hulland Elementary, Nelnah Bessie John, Holy Family Elementary and the Teen Parent Centre were found to be above or close to Health Canada's recommended levels and needed to be remediated.

    Radon remediation work was completed at:

    • Nelnah Bessie John in late summer 2017
    • Jack Hulland in December 2017
    • Holy Family in January 2018
    • Teen Parent Centre in March 2018

    About radon

    Radon is a colourless, odorless, naturally occurring gas in Yukon. It can enter buildings through cracks and unsealed openings in basements and foundations from the soil.

    Radon does not pose an immediate danger to health and is only a concern if there is prolonged exposure to high concentrations over many years.

    It is also important to check the radon levels in your home. You can either purchase a do-it-yourself radon test kit from a hardware store or online, or you can hire a certified radon measurement professional. Yukon has a number of specialists who have been certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program. You can find a listing of certified professionals in Yukon at

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