Student programs

Home education

Yukon families have the right to educate their children at home. Home education is also called home schooling or home-based learning.

A home education program can be 100% home-based or cross-enrolled with a local public school for certain courses.

The Education Act (Section 31)  and the Home Education Regulation  describe how home education works in Yukon, including:

  • Registration of home-schooled students with the Department of Education
  • Educational plans
  • Use of local school resources and facilities
  • School-based course attendance by home-schooled students
  • Achievement testing

Aurora Virtual School

Home education in Yukon is coordinated through the Aurora Virtual School (AVS).

AVS staff can help with:

  • Setting up a home education program.
  • Meeting Department of Education requirements, such as creating educational plans and arranging for achievement testing and provincial exams.
  • Choosing educational resources.
  • Cross-enrolling with local public schools to take certain courses in your local school or online with AVS.
  • Contacting your local school for participation in school activities, sports events and on sports teams.

AVS also arranges for home educators to borrow textbooks and equipment from the Department of Education’s Resource Services unit and provides access to the ERAC Digital Classroom .

École Nomade

The Yukon Francophone School Board, Commissions scolaire francophone du Yukon (CSFY), manages a home schooling program in French. Their services include support and resources for families who are home schooling, or are traveling and wish to continue the academic progress of their child, or families living in rural communities across Yukon who cannot access French First Language programs.

To learn more, visit, phone 867-667-8680, or email

Aurora Virtual School

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