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Graduation rates

Yukon has a small population, so it is normal that the numbers will vary more from year to year than they would in other places with larger populations.

We look at graduation rates in different ways:

Graduation rates for Yukon students enrolled in Grade 12

Also called "annual graduation rates," this counts students who meet graduation requirements calculated as a percentage of the total number of students enrolled in Grade 12.

Graduation rate 2016-17 dogwood and adult graduation programs

Yukon graduation programs (Dogwood) 2015-16

  • 2004 Graduation Program
  • Adult (students over 18 years of age only) Graduation Program

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Six-year completion rate

The six-year completion rate uses the number of students in a Grade 8 cohort and calculates how many of them have graduated within the following six years. This method excludes students we know have left the Yukon school system to complete their education elsewhere.

*Note: Six-year completion data that breaks down male and female and First Nations and non-First Nations graduates before 2015/16 is not published here because the Department of Education is not confident in the categorization of student data prior to the 2010/11 school year.

For 2012/13 (students entered Grade 8 for the first time in 2007/08)

                72.2% completed school (graduated)
                9.8% still in the system in 2013/14
                18.0% dropped out

For 2013/14 (students entered Grade 8 for the first time in 2008/09)

                65.5% completed school (graduated)
                13.7% students still in the system in 2014-15
                20.8% dropped out

For 2014/15 (students entered Grade 8 for the first time in 2009/10)

                71.5% completed school (graduated)
                9.9% students still in the system in 2015/16
                18.6% dropped out

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School Completion Certificate Program (Evergreen) 2015/16

Yukon’s School Completion Certificate Program (SCCP, or Evergreen) is provided to special needs students on IEPs where the Dogwood 2004 & ADULT Graduation Program was not part of the overall educational plan.

Students on SCCP program are not part of the graduation rate. SCCP is a separate program and is not part of Dogwood 2004 & ADULT graduation programs.


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