Student data and performance indicators

Graduation rates

Yukon has a small population, so it is normal that the numbers will vary more from year to year than they would in other places with larger populations.

We look at graduation rates in different ways:

Graduation rates for Yukon students enrolled in Grade 12

Also called "annual graduation rates," this counts students who meet graduation requirements calculated as a percentage of the total number of students enrolled in Grade 12.

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Six-year completion rate

The six-year completion rate uses the number of students in a Grade 8 cohort and calculates how many of them have graduated within the following six years. This method excludes students we know have left the Yukon school system to complete their education elsewhere.


  • We continuously look to improve the quality of our data. The data presented on this page are the most accurate data available at time of publication. Adjustments may result in differences from previously published reports.
  • You may need to refresh your browser's cache to ensure all data is current.

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