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Graduation requirements

Changes to graduation requirements

British Columbia is currently making changes to its curriculum and the graduation requirements for students. Yukon schools follow B.C.’s curriculum and graduation program. Yukon students must meet the British Columbia requirements in order to graduate.

There are no changes to the number of credits or courses required to graduate.

The main change to the graduation program is that B.C. is taking steps to replace the current five provincial exams with new provincial numeracy and literacy assessments. The two new assessments are standardized assessments of student learning in reading, writing, math and problem solving. Students will still write in-class tests and exams in many secondary courses.

See the British Columbia Provincial Exams page for more information about the changes.

Secondary school graduation certificate

Students who meet all requirements receive a Yukon secondary school graduation certificate. French Immersion graduates receive their certificates in both English and French. Graduates of the French First Language program at Académie Parhélie receive le Certificat de fin d’études secondaire.

80 credits to graduate

Starting in Grade 10, there are specific courses that students must pass. A passing mark is 50% or higher.

Students graduating after June 30, 2018, are on the 2018 Graduation Program.

To earn a Yukon secondary school graduation certificate (“Dogwood Diploma”) on the 2018 Graduation Program students must complete at least 80 credits in grades 10, 11 and 12. Of the 80 credits:

  • At least 16 credits must come from Grade 12 courses
  • At least 28 credits must come from elective courses (courses that students choose based on their academic, career or personal interests)
  • 52 credits are required from the following:
    • Language Arts 10, 11 and 12: 4 credits per course (total 12 credits)
    • Social Studies 10: 4 credits
    • Social Studies 11 or Canadian Civics 11 or Yukon First Nations Studies 12: 4 credits
    • Science 10 and Science 11 or 12: 4 credits per course (total 8 credits)
    • Mathematics 10 and Mathematics 11 or 12: 4 credits per course (total 8 credits)
    • Physical Education 10: 4 credits
    • Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12: 4 credits
    • * Career Education: two 4 credit courses (total 8 credits)

Elective courses vary year to year within a school. Check with your school counselor or visit the school's website to find out what elective courses are offered.

*Note on Career Life Education: For 2018/19, the following career education courses will be used:

  • Career Life Education
  • Graduation Transitions

For 2019/20 and beyond, the following career education courses will be used:

  • Career Life Education
  • Career Life Connections

Students on the 2018 Graduation Program will be able to meet the career education graduation requirement with any of the following combinations:

  • Planning 10/Graduation Transitions
  • Planning 10/Career Life Connections
  • Career Life Education/Graduation Transitions
  • Career Life Education/Career Life Connections

School Completion Certificate

The School Completion Certificate is sometimes called an Evergreen certificate. It recognizes successful completion of an Individual Education Plan that is not intended to lead to graduating with a Dogwood diploma.

The School Completion Certificate Program is for students who are not able to meet all graduation requirements due to their special needs. Not all students with special needs or Individual Education Plans should be in a School Completion Certificate program. It is important not to decide on an Evergreen Certificate Program instead of the Dogwood Diploma Program before Grade 10.

Adult Graduation Diploma Program

Adults 18 and older who have not graduated from high school can enrol in the Adult Graduation Diploma Program to take courses as credit towards an adult graduation diploma (“Adult Dogwood Diploma”).

For adult graduation requirements, visit the B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma Program website.

For information about the adult high school graduation, talk to a school counsellor at your local high school.

Planning for post-secondary education

Universities, colleges, technical institutions and trades schools have different entrance requirements. Similar programs at different institutions may have different prerequisites, and one institution may require higher marks than another.

B.C. is working with colleges and universities to ensure the graduation program meets entrance requirements and provides clear paths to postsecondary programs. We are also working with Yukon College.

Students who graduate from the new graduation program will receive the same type of Certificate of Graduation that is currently awarded, the Dogwood Diploma. Yukon student transcripts will include a student’s final course marks and the results of their provincial literacy and numeracy exams, the key subjects that postsecondary institutions look at for admissions.

School counsellors can help students choose courses that meet the basic high school graduation requirements and the specific requirements of the post-secondary program they are interested in.
For more information about graduation requirements, please see the B.C. Ministry of Education’s Grad Planner  or talk to your school counsellor.

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