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Renseignements budgétaires détaillés

Document budgétaire 2018-2019 du ministère de l’Éducation  

Rapports – écoles publiques

Rapports sur les effectifs scolaires
Whitehorse Schools Mobility Review Report 
Environmental Stewardship Final Report
One Vision, Multiple Pathways -- Yukon Secondary School Programming Process Report Full Version [Large document - 204 pages, 4.6 MB]
Education Reform Project Final Report 
Whitehorse K-7 Schools Planning for the Future, Summer 2001 
Yukon Achievement Test Results 2010-2011

Rapports – autres que les écoles publiques

Yukon Labour Market Supply and Migration Study
Office of the Auditor General of Canada – Department of Education Implementation Plan 
Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities Annual Report 2014/15  

Entente sur le marché du travail, plans et rapport

Labour Market Report 2016-17 
Labour Market Report 2014-15 
Labour Market Agreement (LMA) 
Training Demand Report 2015 
Labour Market Report 2012-13
Labour Market Report 2011-12
LMA/LMDA Annual Plan 2012-13
LMA/LMDA Annual Report 2011-12 
Labour Market Agreement Annual Public Report 2009-10 
Labour Market Agreement Annual Plan 2010-11     
LMA/LMDA Annual Plan 2011-12  
LMA Annual Report 2010-11  

Manuels et référence

A Balanced Literacy Approach: Supporting student success in reading, writing, listening and speaking
Learning Together Program Facilitation Guide 
Learning Together Reflecting on Quality 
Making a Difference: Working with students who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 
Stepping In - A Handbook for Yukon Substitute Teachers 
Step into the Trades 

Planification stratégique

Yukon French Second Language Action Implementation Plan 2012-2016 
Helping Students Succeed: Vision, goals and priorities for Yukon First Nations education 
Yukon Literacy Strategy 

Cadre de leadership en éducation

Cadre de leadership en éducation à l’intention des directeurs et directeurs adjoints des écoles du Yukon
Cadre de leadership en éducation à l’intention des enseignants du Yukon  
Cadre sur les pratiques de leadership à l’intention des conseils scolaires du Yukon