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Enroling in school

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This page has information about enroling children in school in Grades 1 to 12.

If your child is entering Kindergarten, please visit the Kindergarten page.

Enrolment process

Here is the basic enrolment process for most Yukon schools:

  1. Review educational program choices (for example, regular English program, French Immersion, Catholic education, and Wood Street high school experiential education). There may be specific entrance requirements for some programs, and space may be limited.
  2. Find the school that offers your program of choice in your attendance area
  3. Call or visit the school to register your child. Complete the enrolment and other forms provided by the school, and be sure to have the necessary documents such as your child’s birth certificate or transcripts.

If the school does not have room for your child, contact the Department of Education at 867-667-5068 or, and we will help you find another option.

French First Language

For students who qualify for French First Language education under Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, contact École Émilie-Tremblay (K – 7) or Académie Parhélie (8 – 12) at 867-667-8150 or

Out-of-area attendance

Students are required to attend school in their attendance area. In exceptional circumstances, students can apply to attend school outside their attendance area. Visit our Transfer Schools page for more information.

School bus

For information about transportation, visit our school bus pages.

Educational path

Yukon children must attend school from age 6 years + 8 months (as of September 1) until at least age 16—except by special arrangement with the Department of Education. (Education Act, Section 22).

Children who are 4 years + 8 months of age by September 1 can enrol in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is not mandatory in Yukon, but it is the usual starting point chosen by most families.

In some rural schools, children can start the year before regular Kindergarten in a K4 program.

From Kindergarten, children proceed to Grade 1 in an elementary school, where they normally continue through Grade 7. In the Riverdale subdivision of Whitehorse, parents have the option of enroling their children in Grey Mountain Primary School for Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 3.

After Grade 7, children move on to secondary school, also called high school, where they normally continue through Grade 12.

This pattern is different for the French-first-language schools (École Émilie-Tremblay and Académie Parhélie) and for some rural schools. For example, students may complete all grades at the same school, or they may have to complete the last two or three grades of high school in Whitehorse or through online or distance learning. Online learning may be supported by Aurora Virtual School. In Whitehorse and in some rural communities, students may complete high school courses through an Individual Learning Centre model.

Student Boarding Allowance

Students from Yukon communities who move to Whitehorse to complete high school and do not stay at the Gadzoosdaa student residence can apply for a Student Accommodation and Boarding Allowance .

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