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Educator evaluation

The department has a responsibility for ongoing supervision of all staff under its authority. Evaluations reflect our support for continuous improvement in the quality of education. Evaluations promote job satisfaction in a stimulating environment and recognize good performance.

Evaluations are intended to honour the commitment and integrity of staff and the needs of students.

The primary objectives are:

  • To develop and maintain a school environment designed to maximize learning/teaching potential
  • To reinforce strengths and overcome areas of weakness
  • To ensure system-wide efficiency and effectiveness through teamwork and collegiality.

The department is currently reviewing the evaluation process and supporting documents.

A pilot project is under development, and revised templates and processes will soon be introduced for new teachers in Yukon schools. 

The documents on this page guide evaluators in their reviews. Find evaluation documents for

  Principals and vice principals



All files are in PDF format

Evaluation documents for principals and vice principals

Annual report on a principal by a superintendent

Blank vice principal report

Principal evaluation handbook

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Evaluation and growth plan documents for teachers

Summative report - teacher

Summative report - teacher anecdotal

Summative report - learning assistance teacher

Summative report - teacher librarian

Professional growth plan framework

Professional growth plan meeting log

Professional growth plan self-assessment rubric


Professional growth plan summary (by teacher)

Professional growth plan summative report

Handbook for the evaluation of teachers

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Evaluation documents for paraprofessionals

Paraprofessional summative report

EA evaluation form (in French)

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