Student programs

Distributed learning

Distributed learning may also be called distance education or online learning/education.

Distributed learning options give students more choice and flexibility beyond the regular classroom schedule.

Distributed learning allows students to take courses even if they are not in the same location as the teacher.

Distributed learning may involve:

  • Internet-based instruction
  • Streaming video
  • Some face-to-face classroom time

Students may opt for distributed learning courses for many different reasons.

  • A scheduling conflict makes it impossible for the student to take the course at the offered time or during the offered semester.
  • The student enroled in school too late in the semester to be able to join a course that is already in progress.
  • The student is completing courses as a part-time student while working.
  • The student is finishing a course through the Credit Recovery program.
  • A course may not be offered by a school because not enough students are interested in it or there is not a qualified teacher to teach it.
  • The student may be out of the territory for part of the school year.

Distributing learning is managed by the Aurora Virtual School.

Aurora Virtual School

Aurora Virtual School
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Whitehorse, Yukon
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Phone: 867-456-6777
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