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Curriculum artwork

Visualization of Yukon's curriculumThis artwork is visual representation of what Yukon citizens are excited to see in Yukon's new school curriculum.

The original is a large poster size canvas with beading. It was produced in collaboration with local Yukon artist and storyteller Rhoda Merkel, Lance Burton and a group of student artists from the Youth of Today Society. 

Rhoda attended community meetings and spoke with students, parents, teachers and community members to collect their thoughts and opinions on Yukon’s new school curriculum.

Rhoda worked to create a story from the voices she heard. In this piece, the story is brought to life in drawings and digital images by Lance and a group of youth artists.

Copies of this artwork will be put up in schools across the territory so students, parents, educators and community members can see what Yukon thinks education should look like for students to be “Living in Yukon and thriving in life.”  Download the image in PDF format >>>

This poster is also available in French. Download the image of the French poster in PDF format >>>  

What does it mean? The story behind the images

Kindergarten to Grade 12: Time to get learners ready
The outer circle is shaped like a clock with the grade levels for Kindergarten to Grade 12 instead of hours.

Core competencies: Foundations for success
In the second most outer circle are the six core competencies that are a focus of the school curriculum: communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, positive personal and cultural identity and personal awareness and responsibility. These skills are essential to student learning, along with foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. 

Hands-on learning
The outermost images illustrate the learning and skills that we heard are important for students to be successful. Many of the images contain hands, a reference to hands-on, meaningful learning, an important piece of the new school curriculum.

Working with Yukon First Nations

The text and images in the inner circle demonstrate the Department of Education’s commitment to working with Yukon First Nations to integrate language and culture into the school curriculum. The images show Yukon First Nations’ values that can be passed on to students to live and learn. 

Learners for life

The centre of the artwork features our diverse and successful graduates, with lifelong learning at the heart on the drum. This is a powerful image that expresses the vision for education in Yukon – happy, healthy, thriving citizens with the drive to keep learning all throughout life.

Curriculum and Assessment

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