Community Training Fund

Regional and Sectoral Training Fund Operating Procedures

  1. Recipient to create a fund management committee
    a. For the purposes of managing the Regional or Sectoral Community Training Fund (CTF), the Recipient shall establish a Committee comprised of a minimum of three (3) representatives. The Committee will be representative of the surrounding community or the economic sector they serve.
    b. The Committee Chair will be identified at or before the first official Committee meeting. The Committee will inform Advanced Education of the appointed Chair within seven (7) days of the initial Chair appointment. If, upon mutual agreement by the Committee, the Chair changes, Advanced Education will be notified in writing within seven (7) days of the change.
    c. The Committee Chair shall inform Advanced Education in writing of any and all changes in the membership of the Committee within seven (7) days of the change.
  2. Powers of the committee
    a. The Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Regional or Sectoral CTF as it relates to providing support for individuals seeking employment training or for third party organizations to develop training opportunities that seek to address labour market issues within the region or sector.
    b. Enter into any and all contracts and agreements for the administration of the Regional or Sectoral CTF and do all acts as they, in their discretion, may deem necessary in keeping within the Transfer Payment Agreement.
    c. To retain, employ and compensate administrative and clerical personnel or other individuals, to whom they may delegate such portion of the duties as they may in their sole discretion deem proper and necessary for the sound and efficient administration of the Regional or Sectoral CTF.
  3. Responsibilities to advanced education
    a. The Committee shall:
    i. Within six months after the creation of the Community Training Fund, develop a Training Fund Policy as detailed in the Community Training Funds: Regional and Sectoral Program Guidelines;
    ii. Review the Training Fund Policy annually and make any changes deemed necessary by the Committee;
    iii. Promote and encourage the training of residents within the relevant sector or region;
    iv. Develop a cooperative approach with governments and government agencies, Yukon College and other training institutions, research organizations, industry stakeholders, private and non -government organizations to ensure best use of training resources;
    v. Make reasonable efforts to acquire additional training resources to enhance training opportunities.
  4. Meetings of the committee
    a. The Committee shall hold scheduled meetings from time to time in accordance the rules, bylaws and conventions of the Recipient as named in the Transfer Payment Agreement.
    b. Minutes shall be recorded at each meeting of the Committee.
  5. Decisions of the committee
    a. All decisions of the Committee shall be made by consensus of its members.
    b. When there is obvious or declared conflict of interest in considering an action of the Committee, any affected member of the Committee must excuse themselves from deliberations concerning the decision of the Committee.
    c. In the event that a consensus cannot be reached by the Committee with respect to any matter relating to the administration of the Regional or Sectoral CTF or distribution of the funds, the issue shall be brought to Advanced Education for resolution.
  6. Compensation and renumeration
    a. The Committee members shall not receive any compensation or remuneration from the Regional or Sectoral CTF for the performance of their duties,
    b. The Committee members may be reimbursed from the Regional or Sectoral CTF for all reasonable, necessary, and properly documented expenses (e.g. mileage, meals, and accommodations) which they incur in the performance of their duties related to the Regional or Sectoral CTF.
  7. Liabilities of the committee
    a. The Committee is bound by the rules, bylaws and operating procedures of the Recipient.
    b. The Recipient, as a distinct entity separate from the Committee, is responsible for all organizational and legal requirements of the Transfer Payment Agreement Terms and Conditions, including payment and recovery of funds, accounting, agreement reporting and Canada Revenue Agency submissions such as T4 and T4E’s.
    c. Committee Members shall not be sanctioned or held liable for any action taken or omitted in good faith in the execution of their responsibilities as assigned to them by the Recipient. Further, Committee Members cannot be held responsible or liable for the actions of the Recipient nor of any third party selected with reasonable care for activity under the fund.
    d. In cases where the Committee is also the Recipient, AND is not an incorporated entity under any act, each Committee Member is personally and severally liable for the terms and conditions under the Transfer Payment Agreement.
  8. Banking arrangements
    a. All contributions to the Regional or Sectoral CTF shall be deposited to an account with an institution providing banking services in the name of the Recipient. For the purposes of the Transfer Payment Agreement, this account shall be identified under the name of the Regional or Sectoral CTF.
    b. Advanced Education shall have the right to monitor and audit all activities from this account. All payments to this account as a result of the Transfer Payment Agreement and withdrawals from this account against those payments shall be recorded in the books and records of the Regional or Sectoral CTF.
    c. Payments to this account from the Transfer Payment Agreement shall be used only for expenditures specified in the Transfer Payment Agreement.
    d. No amount of this Regional or Sectoral CTF shall be used as collateral for securing loans from banks or other financial institutions.
    e. All cheques distributed from the Regional or Sectoral CTF Account must have two signatures.
    f. Any bank interest earned on payments to the Regional or Sectoral CTF Account shall be reported as income on the financial statement. Interest shall be used for eligible expenditures under the Transfer Payment Agreement.
  9. Financial records and processing expenditures
    a. The Committee shall keep such records as are necessary to deliver the reporting requirements as specified on Schedule A and C of the Transfer Payment Agreement.
    b. The Committee shall keep Regional or Sectoral CTF financial records using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). These records shall be approved and signed by the Chair and at least one (1) other member of the Committee. Such records shall be kept with the Recipient in accordance with the Transfer Payment Agreement.

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