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Canada-Yukon Job Fund

There are three program streams under the Canada-Yukon Job Fund: the Canada-Yukon Job Grant, Employment Services and Supports and Employer-Sponsored Training.

Canada-Yukon Job Grant (CYJG)

We have been reviewing the Canada Job Grant, and we will be making changes in order to improve training funds for employers.

You may submit an application using the current Canada Job Grant forms. When we have completed our changes, we will assess all the applications that we have received against new program criteria. We commit to communicating the process with all applications.

For more information, please contact us at 667-5141.

Program guidelines

Canada-Yukon Job Grant Program Guidelines

Application forms

There are two forms to submit: One is completed by the employer and the other is completed by each employee/participant.

Canada-Yukon Job Grant Participant Application Form
Canada-Yukon Job Grant Employer Application Form


Employer Activity reports

Employer Activity Report - on completion of training  
Employer Activity Report - 12 months after training  


Employment Services and Supports (ESS)

This program continues the services that were offered under the Labour Market Agreement. This program helps unemployed or low-skilled individuals who need support to enter the labour market.

Eligible programs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills training, such as training in literacy and numeracy or advanced skills training
  • On-the-job training
  • Job readiness assistance
  • Financial supports and benefits such as loans, grants and living allowances
  • Employment counselling and services
  • Labour market connections and services that promote and enhance labour market efficiency

Employer-Sponsored Training (EST)

This program has a broader scope for training activities and costs. It provides more diverse opportunities than the Canada-Yukon Job Grant.

Yukon is first implementing the Canada-Yukon Job Grant and Employment Services and Supports. Employer-Sponsored Training will be developed at a later date.

To learn more or to apply, contact our office.

The Labour Market Agreements have ended, and now the new Canada-Yukon Job Fund (CYJF) is in place to allow greater employer involvement in training. The vision of the CYJF is to increase participation in the labour force and help people develop the skills necessary to find and keep meaningful and long-term employment.

Canada's economic action plan

Funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-Yukon Job Fund.

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