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Students are required to attend school in their designated attendance area. This web page explains how to apply to transfer to a school outside the attendance area.

If your child is changing schools because you have moved to a new community or neighbourhood, or because your child is moving from an elementary to a secondary school, visit our Enroling in school page.

In exceptional circumstances, the Department of Education may consider allowing a student to attend a school outside the designated attendance area to:

  • Permit siblings to attend the same school.
  • Respond to a situation that significantly affects the education, health or safety of a student. There must be well-documented evidence that the change is necessary to meet the student’s needs.

Transfer requests

To request a transfer, start by contacting the superintendent responsible for the attendance area school—for most students this will be the school they are currently attending. Visit our school directory page for a list of schools and superintendents.

Transfer applications are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee that a request will be approved.

If a transfer request is approved, the student will be expected to remain at the new school for at least one school year.

Students whose transfer requests are approved are not entitled to school bus transportation.

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