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Students average absence days 2015/16 breakdown

Student average absence days 2015/16 breakdown

We continue working to improve student attendance rates in all Yukon schools, given that regular attendance at school is important for the development of a student’s academic and social-emotional skills.

Since 2012, the department has been working with the Victoria Gold Student Encouragement Society on the Every Student, Every Day initiative. This initiative raises funds for school and community-based projects that improve attendance and supports the success of Yukon students. Each year, the society holds a fundraising gala to raise funds for the initiative. The department then provides additional funding up to $25,000, with the total available funds awarded to projects proposed by schools, First Nations, school councils, parents, teachers, community organizations and other groups interested in finding innovative and creative ways to improve student attendance and engagement.

Data will be collected to examine the impact of the school-based projects being funded through this initiative and to determine whether student attendance is improving as a result of these projects.

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Funds awarded by Every Student, Every Day to help improve student attendance for the 2017/18 school year

Big Brothers, Big Sisters - $2,500 for intermediate mentoring program
This program selects grade 7 students to mentor students in grades 3 and 4. Big Brothers, Big Sisters will contribute $1500 for staff time. Funding will go to Big Brothers, Big Sisters staff time, board games, craft supplies, paperwork and certificates, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters branded gifts for Bigs and Littles, and food for two special gatherings.

Elijah Smith Elementary School - $7,500 for the Hands On program
This program will create a space in the school for students to design and create through applied design, skills and technology. Funding will go to purchasing Vex building kits, Vex IQ, Cubelets 12 kit, Evo Classpack White set of 12, Learning mouse (ATB), Botley (ATB), Sphero, Sphero Mini, Parrot Drone, Skoog, Lets Go Code Cards, a hammer, screw drivers and a sewing machine.

Elijah Smith Elementary School - $2,500 for the Engaged program
This program provides high-interest physical activities before school. Funding will help pay for a table tennis instructor and martial arts instructors.

Eliza Van Bibber School - $3,000 for the Soft Start and Inquiry Time program
This program uses some morning time to self-regulate and add student choice so they can have autonomy in their learning. Funding will go to purchase self-regulation books, self-regulation journals for students, student inquiry resources, a parent information night and maker space supplies.

F.H. Collins Secondary School - $5,860 for To Educate, We Innovate – Leveling the Playing field to make technology accessible for all
To provide students without a computer the opportunity to borrow the technology to complete homework, research or Moodle courses. The school will provide two MacBook Airs, and the personnel, software and labels to track and distribute devices. The school has spent many hours and materials creating a unique space for students to work. The funding will go to purchasing laptops, cases, keyboard protectors and workstations.

Gadzoosdaa Student Residence - $4,874 for attendance incentive program
This program rewards good class attendance weekly, monthly and for each semester. Funding will go to purchasing gift cards, gifts, tablets and a collective award.

Golden Horn Elementary School - $3,000 for an outdoor learning space
The funding will create spaces to increase student engagement through experiential learning. Funding will go to purchasing building materials, a wall tent and wood stove.

Individual Learning Centre - $1,386 for the Opportunities for Active Living program
This program provides students with access to fitness facilities to help them improve their physical and mental health. The Centre will provide a vehicle. The funding will provide yoga, Canada Games Centre and Mt. Sima Passes.

Individual Learning Centre - $3,370 for Traditional Ecological Knowledge Day Trips
This funding will support day trips for students to participate in trapping, snaring and ice fishing. Funding will provide guide fees, rental fees for the fish camp, gas for skidoos, vehicle rental and food for lunches and snacks.

Jack Hulland Elementary School - $5,060 for Family Support Sessions
This program provides family sessions that focus on home support to improve attendance. Staff members are contributing volunteer hours, valued at $1500.  Funding will go to purchasing supplies and tools, honorariums, food and two resource people.

JV Clark School - $5,000 for a hot lunch program
This program encourages students to attend school by nurturing a welcoming school environment and ensures students are well fed.

Kwanlin Dün First Nation - $2,000 for high school attendance incentive program
For students with the poorest attendance, this funding will recognize high school students for 10% improvements in attendance every two months. The First Nation is contributing $3600 in staff time. Funding will go to purchase gift cards and gift certificates to encourage and acknowledge attendance improvements.

Porter Creek Secondary School - $1,000 for Communications is the Key book club
This book club will lead students in conversations styled toward acquiring and practicing healthy communication skills. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate their thoughts in podcasting, iMovies, stop motion and other technology tools. Artist In the School Program will contribute 15 hours. Funding will go to purchasing a camera and equipment to support this initiative.

Porter Creek Secondary School - $5,000 for I.N.V.E.S.T.E.D. in Youth
This program will provide retreats, culture camps, experiential learning opportunities, leadership training, volunteer opportunities and university and college campus tours for students of various ages. The funding will pay for tour and travel expenses and retreat expenses such as transportation, food, lodging and guest presenter costs.

Robert Service School - $3,500 for the Student Breakfast and Lunch program
This program targets high school students but is available to all students. Additional funding is requested from Food for Learning and Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Education. Funding will provide food kitchen supplies such as compostable dishes and cutlery, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, baking sheets, a grill, a chafing dish, a panini press and refrigerator.

Ta’an Kwäch’än Council - $2,000 for the Steps to Success student attendance program
This program rewards students who attend 80% of classes or improve attendance by 15%. Funding will go toward purchasing gift cards, pizza lunch, mountain bikes or gift certificates of equal value.

Teen Parent Centre - $1,800 for Personal Wellness Attendance Incentive
The funding is to purchases gym passes for students with an attendance rate of at least 80%. The passes give students an option to exercise and earn a PE credit toward their graduation.

Teen Parent Centre - $3,870 for Self-Care Attendance Incentive
The funding is to purchase gift certificates to a salon for students with an attendance rate of at least 80%. This incentive encourages attendance and self-care.

Teen Parent Centre - $4,100 for First Aid/Food Safe training
This funding provides high-interest educational activities and life skills opportunities for one week of spring break, to avoid the extended break from the school routine. Funding will purchase childcare, food, support staff, instruction and a field trip.

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