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Entry requirements

The attached chart outlines the grade requirements for entry into one of Yukon Apprenticeship’s designated trades. You will see in the final column the grade level required for each trade. Note that all categories of math, except essentials, are acceptable levels including Apprenticeship and Workplace math for all trades.

These entry requirements are to enter into an apprenticeship in Yukon only.

The legal entry requirements are outlined in the apprenticeship and tradesperson qualification regulations which can be viewed here. Section 4 on each trade schedule establishes the entry requirements.  Since the wording in some of these sections differ (complete grade **, complete English, science and math in grade **, complete academic grade **, etc.) we have established a procedure to review all high school transcripts and ensure prospective apprentices have academic English, math and science for the required grade.

If an apprentice does not meet the academic requirements he/she can challenge an entrance exam.  If successful, he/she will be deemed to have met the entry requirements for the trade.

You should be aware that the entry requirements into programs offered at post-secondary institutions may differ.  For example, the entry requirements for a pre-employment electrical program at SAIT may differ from a pre-employment program at Yukon College.  All post-secondary programs may differ from the entry requirements into an apprenticeship.

Information on equivalency high school requirements can be found on SAIT’s website.

We cannot confirm the information is accurate so checking with an institution is always the best approach.

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