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Advisory Committee for Yukon Education

In fall 2015, we met with our partners and in January 2016 formed a committee to advise on education in Yukon. Together, we are looking at what’s working, what’s not working and how we can improve Yukon’s schools and education system.

Through the Advisory Committee for Yukon Education and ongoing work with our partners, we are finding ways to support the success of all Yukon students, from early to adult learners, in becoming successful citizens, whether they choose to live and work here in Yukon or anywhere in the world.

Work of the committee

The committee meets regularly to discuss and address education challenges and ways to support Yukon learners.

Over the past year, the committee has

  • Reviewed past reports and recommendations about education in Yukon and identified key themes and priorities;
  • Explored curriculum from across Canada and recommended Yukon use B.C.’s new curriculum with additional Yukon and Yukon First Nations content and perspectives; and
  • Provided feedback and suggestions on Yukon’s curriculum redesign, the proposed student assessment changes, draft cultural inclusion standards, in-service and training for Yukon educators, Yukon school calendars, school review and growth planning processes and public engagement strategies.

Committee members

Members of the committee include representatives from our partners

  • Scott Kerby, secondary teacher
  • Gary Morgan, Vice-Principal, Association of Yukon School Administrators (AYSA)
  • Marc Champagne, Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon (CSFY)
  • Tosh Southwick, First Nations Education Commission
  • Jennifer Wykes, Council of Yukon First Nations
  • Laura Lang, Whitehorse Elementary School Council and Department of Health and Social Services
  • Sandra Henderson, F.H. Collins Secondary School Council
  • Edith Elder, Vanier Catholic Secondary School Council, Catholic Education Association of Yukon (CEAY)
  • Carol Coote, Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards & Committees (AYSCBC)
  • President, Yukon Teachers' Association
  • Yukon College

The committee members serve a three-year term, currently from 2016-19.

Get involved

If you have any questions or want to get involved with the Advisory Committee for Yukon Education’s work, please email or call us at 667-5141.

Committee documents

The key documents from the Advisory Committee for Yukon Education are posted here for your information, including minutes from meetings and from its earlier work as the New Vision Steering Committee and the Curriculum Redesign Advisory Committee. New documents will be added when they become available.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes May 10, 2017
Meeting Minutes January 17, 2017
Meeting Minutes December 6, 2016
Meeting Minutes November 8, 2016  
Meeting Minutes June 13, 2016  
Meeting Minutes April 1, 2016  
Meeting Minutes February 19, 2016
Meeting Minutes January 29, 2016  
Meeting Minutes January 15, 2016     
Meeting Minutes November 25, 2015 

Past reports

What we Heard Report
Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Findings, 2015
Office of the Auditor General of Canada, Report, 2009 
Department of Education, One Vision, Multiple Pathways, 2008 [large document - 4.6 MB]
Yukon First Nation Education Advisory Committee, Helping Students Succeed: Vision Goals and Priorities for Yukon First Nations Education, 2008
Education Reform Project, 2007
Council for Yukon Indians, Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow, 1973 


Advisory Committee for Yukon Education 

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