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Banned employers

We are committed to upholding the integrity of the Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) and ensuring that qualified Canadians and permanent residents are given the first chance at available jobs.

Immigrants are entitled to the same protections as Canadians, including labour standards, worker safety and human rights. Abuse of the program harms the nominees, the local economy and the labour market.

An employer found to be non-compliant with YNP requirements can be banned from the program for up to five years. Bans put in place after September 1, 2015, will be published on this page.

Employers banned from the YNP after September 1, 2015

Start of ban Business name Legal name *Category of violation Length of ban
  No employers have been banned since September 1, 2015      

*Categories of violations

Type A — Minor violations such as failing to sign the Tripartite Agreement within the required time under the Yukon Nominee Program Policy.
Type B — Moderate violations such as not making all required deductions from a nominee’s pay.
Type C — Serious violations such as inadequate wages, fewer than minimum hours of work or receiving payment for accepting a nominee.

For more information, visit the Yukon Nominee Program Policy.


The Immigration unit has moved to the Department of Economic Development. The unit's new location is:

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