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British Columbia Provincial Exams

British Columbia is currently making changes to its curriculum and the graduation requirements for students. Yukon schools follow B.C.’s curriculum and graduation program.

The main change for 2016/17 is that B.C. is taking steps to replace the current five provincial exams with two new provincial exams. The two new literacy and numeracy exams will be standardized assessments of student learning in reading, writing, math and problem solving.

  • The literacy exam will assess students on their ability to read, write, understand meaning, express themselves, critically analyze information and connect and create ideas.
  • The numeracy exam will assess students on their ability to interpret information and apply math and logic to solve problems.

Students will still write in-class tests and exams in many secondary courses.

B.C. expects to introduce its new numeracy exam is in January 2018. The new literacy exam is expected to be introduced in the 2018/19 school year.

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Changes to the graduation program

In the 2016-17 school year, there will be a transition to the new graduation program.

Grade 10 Students in 2016-17 Will:
  • Follow most of the current graduation program requirements (80 credits).
  • Meet Math 10 (or equivalent), Language Arts 10 (or equivalent), Science 10 and Social Studies 11 (or equivalent) requirements with in-class tests/exams instead of provincial exams.
  • Write a provincial numeracy and literacy exam before graduation.
    Grade 11 Students in 2016-17 Will:
    • Have completed Math 10 (or equivalent), Language Arts 10 (or equivalent) and Science 10 (or equivalent) and have written these provincial exams.
    • Meet Social Studies 11 (or equivalent) graduation requirements with in-class test/exams instead of a provincial exam.
    • Write a Language Arts 12 exam before graduation.
    • Not write the new provincial numeracy exam.
      Grade 12 Students in 2016-17 Will:
      • Finish all the current graduation program requirements.
      • Have completed Math 10 (or equivalent), a Language Arts 10 (or equivalent), Science 10 and Social Studies 11 (or equivalent) and have written these provincial exams.
      • Take Language Arts 12 (or equivalent) and write the provincial exam (B.C. exams will not be offered after August of 2017).
      • Not write the new provincial numeracy and literacy exams.

      Note: Français langue première 10, Français langue première 12 and Français langue seconde immersion 12 provincial exam changes will be the same as their equivalents above.

      Courses and credits required to graduate

      There are no changes to the number of credits or courses required to graduate. They are the same as in the old graduation program.

      Yukon schools will assist students during the transition to make sure they understand what they need to complete in order to graduate. Guidance and support will also be available to teachers to assist them in designing in-class assessments to meet the high standards we expect in the graduation program.

      Visit for more information on the new graduation requirements.

      Post-secondary entrance requirements

      The B.C. Ministry of Education and the Yukon Department of Education are working with universities, colleges and other post-secondary institutions on the changes so that the graduation program continues to meet entrance requirements.

      Universities, colleges, technical institutions and trades schools have different entrance requirements. Similar programs at different institutions may have different prerequisites, and one institution may require higher marks than another.

      Yukon student transcripts will include a student’s final course marks and the results of their provincial literacy and numeracy exams, the key subjects that postsecondary institutions look at for admissions.

      Exam schedules for Grade 12 courses

      B.C. will continue to offer BCPEs for Language Arts 12 and equivalent courses in 2017.

      Visit to find examination dates.

      Prepare for an exam

      To help prepare for an exam, you can visit B.C. Ministry of Education's Provincial Examinations pages to find the Exam Specifications book and Handbook of Procedures. There, you will also find sample exams to use to prepare for an exam.

      Test specification documents are available to teachers early in the school year so they can help their students prepare. These documents outline and describe the tests and provide practice tests and questions to use with students.

      Yukon Excellence Awards

      Based on your child’s final course marks, they may be eligible for the Yukon Excellence Awards. Please contact your school counsellor for details. Students are eligible to receive up to $3,000 for 10 awards to offset costs of post-secondary education and training.


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      Past results of the B.C. Provincial Exams and other assessments are compiled in the Department of Education Annual Reports.

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