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Yukon schools are implementing a new curriculum over the next four years. As part of the coming changes to the curriculum, we need to make some changes to how we assess and report on student learning, such as reporting by the new curriculum’s learning standards.

The Education Assessment Committee, a group of 40 Yukon educators and partners in education researched good practices in assessment, reviewed feedback from partners and from the public and made recommendations on what changes should be made.

The changes to student assessment are outlined in a new Interim Guide on Student Assessment . Schools will use this guide to transition from the way they currently assess and report on student learning to the new changes to assessment over the next two years, the 2017/18 and 2018/19 school years.

These changes include:

  • ongoing feedback through one-on-one conversations with parents and students;
  • using examples of student work to show learning progress to parents and students, including strengths and areas for improvement;
  • basing report cards on recent and consistent work to best reflect students’ understanding and learning progress;
  • providing performance descriptions and to help parents understand this change providing a table of matching letter grades for Grades 4-9; and
  • teaching students how to self-assess their strengths and areas for improvement for certain skills, which will be included with final report cards.

Feedback on the proposed changes

To inform school communities and to gather feedback on the proposed changes, the Yukon government conducted an online public survey in spring 2017. We also met with partners and staff to hear their thoughts. The survey was advertised in local newspapers, online and on the radio, as well as through school newsletters.

Members of the public - including students, parents, educators, Yukon First Nations, School Councils and community members - were invited to participate in an online survey between March 16 and April 12, 2017. The survey outlined the key proposed changes to student assessment, with comparisons to what is currently done, what B.C. has chosen to do and the proposed guidelines.

The feedback from the survey and the meetings with partners was reviewed by the Department of Education and the Education Assessment Committee to consider in developing the interim guide on student assessment.

The Interim Guide on Student Assessment includes a summary of the feedback we received and the further recommendations from the Education Assessment Committee.  The assessment survey was completed by 688 respondents, a relatively low response rate. The results cannot be generalized beyond the survey participants; it only tells us what some people think.

  • 477 parents or guardians of students in Yukon public schools
  • 128 other school community members
  • 33 students
  • 50 educators
Read the Public and Educator Feedback on Revised Assessment Guidelines for Yukon Schools: 2017 Survey Report

The proposed assessment changes were also discussed at meetings with:

  • Advisory Committee for Yukon Education;
  • Yukon school administrators;
  • First Nations Education Commission;
  • Yukon School Councils and associations; and
  • Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon.

All comments, surveys and submissions were reviewed by the Department of Education and the Education Assessment Committee and considered in developing the Interim Guide on Student Assessment.


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